How to Win the Fight For Women’s Rights

For almost 110 years, society has celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) and thanks to the organizers of the Women’s March in Washington, it’s a day more people now know. The movement that the march organizers launched today is something I have wondered about for a long time – a day when every woman, around the world, goes on strike (or in theory at least) to advocate for all things pro-women and human being.

I’ve wondered about this day because I’m continually miffed that women don’t have more power, more equality, more support, more in general. We are why every being on this earth, even the ones against women’s rights, have a life. It makes no sense to me that we are even in the position of needing a day like today. We give the ultimate gift of life – don’t they know that without that, none of this even matters? Without that, this is all moot, because, well, nobody is alive unless we make it happen? Isn’t that the ultimate “Drop the Mike” trump card? Why don’t we use it?


It’s as if the world played some sort of Jedi mind trick on all of us for a long time and now we somehow actually believe we don’t have the ability to nip all of this in the bud once and for all. Seriously, there is a simple solution, if we really wanted to reclaim our power. All we have to do is stop having sex (I said simple, not easy).

If we go on a sex strike, society will get frustrated, then angry, then desperate, and eventually amenable to whatever is needed to reverse this sort of thing. Additionally, if we abstain for a specific amount of time, perhaps commencing with IWD, women would obviously stop birthing babies for a period of time. We might have to strike for a long time this first go around but there really isn’t a more clear and impactful way to remind society of our supremacy. Sex and birthing babies should be the carrot we dangle each time we need to remind society of our God-given ability and why it’s imperative that women’s rights be unilaterally supported. Whenever we need to remind the world that unless women are prioritized, treated extremely well, given more options, and supported for whatever is needed, women from around the world should come together and go on a sex strike.

Imagine it. We create something like that of the emergency broadcasting system that signals to every woman to commence the strike. “Ladies, this is a test for the emergency sex strike. If today were the day to start a strike, you would hear this noise.” Or perhaps we create a mega “phone tree” text message. However it’s coordinated, abstaining from sex and having babies could reposition this whole issue. It would be a painful process, may seem like an overly simplistic solution, and it’s certainly ridiculous, but it would send a strong message.

Now comes the hard, practical part – actually doing it. Until then, strikes like the one launched today will get us started down the right path. And who knows, maybe next year a sex strike will be incorporated into the mix to send the message of all messages to the world — don’t play with us or else we will come for you…in the form of not having any sex for however long it takes for you to get in line! Bam!

Published by Lisa Meyers Johnson

Lisa Meyers Johnson is the creator of Listen Little Girl, a blog dedicated to her eight-year-old daughter. Lisa created the blog because she knows that being a little girl isn't easy and becoming a woman can be even harder. She hopes that by sharing her experiences, thoughts, and life lessons, it will empower her daughter, and moms and girls everywhere, to support one another along the journey of being/becoming a woman. Lisa currently consults with nonprofits and teaches graduate and undergraduate students about public relations for nonprofits at the University of Southern California. Prior to this, Lisa was an accomplished communications, marketing, and development professional and worked for organizations including the American Cancer Society, Magic Johnson Enterprises/Magic Johnson Foundation, ABC, Ketchum Public Relations, and Black Entertainment Television. Find her @lisabrandgirl on IG, Lisa Meyers Johnson on FB and @brandgirl on Twitter.

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