Driving Around To Get Baby To Sleep? This Could Change Your Life!

I vividly remember my kids needing late-night car rides to help them sleep as babies. Fortunately, my husband was a trooper. Andre, barely awake, would throw on sweats and a hoodie, wrap up the baby, grab his keys and head out for the night.

The hum and vibration of the car always did the job, night after night. But inevitably, my husband would return home with a baby that was wide awake. You see, our babies would sleep in the car, as long as it was on and moving. They would awaken, however, the minute you removed them from the car. By awake, I mean wide, let’s play or have a bottle and shoot the breeze awake. The walk between the car and the crib always proved a delicate challenge that we would fail despite nightly attempts to figure out the trick to keeping them asleep. We would try to walk just the right way or prop open all doors in advance so as not to have to slow down to get inside. I even tried playing low traffic sounds on my iPhone, while transporting from car to crib, to mimic the soothing noise that might have encouraged sleep. Whatever we tried, it rarely worked and we started the process all over once inside.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.45.50 PM

That’s why this latest find is seemingly so valuable. And it’s from Ford Motor Company no less! They have created something that simulates the movement and sound of a car, just for a baby in need of sleep. The Max Motor Dreams enables parents to have a moving car (or something like it) right in the nursery! No more breath-holding attempts to make sure the baby stays asleep during the car to crib transfer! Kudos to Ford for solving this age-old problem and for catering to parents that need sleep!

The only caveat is, currently there is only one of these in the world. Yes, one. And it’s not available for sale and there don’t seem to be any real plans to mass produce this bad boy. WTF, right? Why create something so tantalizing? What was the point? My guess is, it’s cost prohibitive to reproduce in mass but Ford has plenty of smart cookies working for them. I’m hopeful that it’s only a matter of time because if they can find a way to make this relatively affordable, it could easily replace countless baby gadgets that move and sooth, and help out a lot of wanting parents.

Until then, if you’re a sleep-deprived or frustrated parent that’s salivating for this new product, let Ford hear from you.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 4.31.03 PM
Max Motor Dreams/Ford Motor Company

Published by Lisa Meyers Johnson

Lisa Meyers Johnson is the creator of Listen Little Girl, a blog dedicated to her eight-year-old daughter. Lisa created the blog because she knows that being a little girl isn't easy and becoming a woman can be even harder. She hopes that by sharing her experiences, thoughts, and life lessons, it will empower her daughter, and moms and girls everywhere, to support one another along the journey of being/becoming a woman. Lisa currently consults with nonprofits and teaches graduate and undergraduate students about public relations for nonprofits at the University of Southern California. Prior to this, Lisa was an accomplished communications, marketing, and development professional and worked for organizations including the American Cancer Society, Magic Johnson Enterprises/Magic Johnson Foundation, ABC, Ketchum Public Relations, and Black Entertainment Television. Find her @lisabrandgirl on IG, Lisa Meyers Johnson on FB and @brandgirl on Twitter.

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