What’s This All About?

Dear G,

In a few short years, you will begin to marvel about existing as a young lady in this world. As you grow, you will have some wonderful experiences, and some will really test your spirit. Through it all, you will have plenty of questions and it’s my hope that you will always be reflective and ask away! Now don’t misunderstand me, I am not suggesting that you question me, per say, or anyone really. I want you to be curious about the situations, the circumstances, the universe that aligned to create whatever scenario you’re contemplating. So, if something happens and you don’t like it, ask why and learn from it! If something happens that brings you joy, ask why and be grateful! Whatever it may be, asking reflective questions is a surefire way to continue to develop into your best, happiest, healthiest self and as your mom, that’s all I could ever really want for you.

To help you on your path, I want to share some of what I have come to know over the years. I’m hoping that what you read in this blog will give you some valuable insight so that when/if you are thrown any curveballs in life, you are better prepared. And, I’m hoping it will be fun too–-one of the most important nuggets I hope you’ll learn is that it’s important to keep perspective and find the humor in things.

This blog is also applicable for your little brother and in some instances, it may be even more relevant. Raising men is equally important. But I think the world will be a bit more complex for you than for him–-the challenges associated with being a smart, nurturing, strong, woman are unmatched throughout history. Women are the most gifted and unique beings on earth and yet often, we suffer low self-esteem and are mistreated, misguided, and undervalued. There are many reasons why this is the case and we have a lot of work to do across the world to make things better.

Listen little girl, I don’t have all the answers but what I do know, I want you to know with all my heart, and I hope it makes all the difference.



About Lisa & Gigi: Lisa Meyers Johnson used to have life all figured out, or so she thought. Then she became a wife and a mother of two and life has been a chaotic, albeit joy-filled, ride ever since. She feels both tremendously blessed to be a woman and yet also dumbfounded by how overwhelming the duties of life as a mom and wife can be. But what really keeps Lisa up at night is the notion of how best to raise a happy and healthy little girl. Lisa’s daughter, Gigi, is eight years old but in her mind, she is a teenager. She is mature and smart, and an amazing older sister to Avery. In fact, she is often called “Mama G,” busy telling her little brother what he should or should not do. There is little doubt that Gigi is a leader and her fun-loving and positive disposition are contagious. If she’s not busy playing with her Hello Kitty makeup (yes, makeup), listening to a Tori Kelly music station, or playing a board or card game, she’s cartwheeling around the house, making a new concoction in the kitchen, playing soccer, practicing piano, or reading. Gigi is a tremendously competitive person and quite the little lady who loves clothes, shoes, and anything “girlie.” My blog, Listen Little Girl, is dedicated to my daughter, Gigi, with all my heart.

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