Six Things I Will Teach My Kids To Stay Alive When Pulled Over

Let me start by saying I support policemen. There are plenty of police that “get it,” that work hard, that serve and protect in every sense of the word. That said, I’m a 43-year-old black woman and I’ve always had a fear of being pulled over (well before social media).

Raising Kids: What to Know About Rape Culture

Like most I’m disgusted by the Stanford rape case. I mean thoroughly, no words, disgusted. My hope is that the dialogue about rape culture continues to grow…and that we don’t ever let Brock Turner forget who he is and what he did to that poor girl. Jail or no jail, the American public can sentenceContinue reading “Raising Kids: What to Know About Rape Culture”

Having a Baby? Be Prepared to be Scared of Everything

My mother is, well, superwoman. She managed to have a successful career, marriage, AND raise three children so my “can I really have it all?” issues are even more personally compounded. That said, with different circumstances and in a different time, she was the exception, not the norm.