Did You Feel That Mega-Earthquake?

Today I bit my nails off. I don’t really bite my nails unless something is really bothering me. It’s one of those psychosomatic things. I know I feel heavy, am having trouble concentrating and like many, my heart really hurts. I’m just not as happy, have no pep in my step and I feel likeContinue reading “Did You Feel That Mega-Earthquake?”

Clue: The Four Year Old, In My Bed, With a Toy Airplane

The four year old is Avery. He’s a yummy mix of my husband and me and such a well-spoken charmer for someone so little. But the four year old has developed a very bad habit of getting into our bed each night and it’s become a regular thing.

Is There An App For That?

For some stupid and naive reason, I always thought that once I became an adult, or rather, once I had a family and little beings that called me “mom,” I’d have life pretty much figured out. I would “have it all.” I would have, or be about to accomplish, all that I wanted to professionally and IContinue reading “Is There An App For That?”