Something is Brewing

There really isn’t anything better than girlfriends, old and new! Thanks to two friends, Valerie Mekki (see her wonderful YouTube DIY videos) and Angela So, exciting things are in the works for this blog! We’re totally re-branding Four Million And One and turning it into Listen Little Girl with a concept that is nearer and dearer toContinue reading “Something is Brewing”

Confessions of a Cyberbullied Mom

Last month I was cyberbullied. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Me? Cyberbullied? At 43? And by a stranger no less! This person, who I will call @BigBigBully (for the purposes of this post) and who again, does not know me at all, took great offense to a picture I posted and it triggeredContinue reading “Confessions of a Cyberbullied Mom”

Things You Can Learn From a 4-Year-Old Before Throwing Shade on Social Media

My youngest is at the stage where he’s testing the limits of control. He is using words like booty butt and poopie butt, calling people stupid, proclaiming “dang it” over anything and telling me “I’m not the boss of him.” He thinks it’s hilarious or cute, pointedly looking at me (or the adult in charge)Continue reading “Things You Can Learn From a 4-Year-Old Before Throwing Shade on Social Media”

#DadsAre… In Demand

A new study on fatherhood published a few days ago by the American Academy of Pediatrics highlights that dads are amazing and extremely important to a child’s growth and development. It references the notion of societal and cultural obstacles and makes specific suggestions for pediatricians to better engage fathers. Obviously this is a great study but it’s not really sayingContinue reading “#DadsAre… In Demand”

Because I Said So…

The other night I watched an episode of For Peete’s Sake on OWN and days later I found myself replaying a part of it over and over in my head. It’s the episode where Holly’s mom Dolores says the kids aren’t behaving and that they need some new parenting called “because I said so.”