The Fine Line of Farts & Giggles

The good people over at AsapScience have finally dispelled an age-old question: Can You Outrun a Fart? This is life changing information, for myriad reasons. But it raises a related issue for me as a mom. How and when do you get kids to understand the fine line between farts being funny and farts being gross and inappropriate? Continue reading “The Fine Line of Farts & Giggles”

Having a Baby? Be Prepared to be Scared of Everything

My mother is, well, superwoman. She managed to have a successful career, marriage, AND raise three children so my “can I really have it all?” issues are even more personally compounded. That said, with different circumstances and in a different time, she was the exception, not the norm.Continue reading “Having a Baby? Be Prepared to be Scared of Everything”

Clue: The Four Year Old, In My Bed, With a Toy Airplane

The four year old is Avery. He’s a yummy mix of my husband and me and such a well-spoken charmer for someone so little. But the four year old has developed a very bad habit of getting into our bed each night and it’s become a regular thing.Continue reading “Clue: The Four Year Old, In My Bed, With a Toy Airplane”

Is There An App For That?

For some stupid and naive reason, I always thought that once I became an adult, or rather, once I had a family and little beings that called me “mom,” I’d have life pretty much figured out. I would “have it all.” I would have, or be about to accomplish, all that I wanted to professionally and I would juggle mommy and wifehood with ease and grace. Oh, and I would be in the best shape of my life (if nothing else because my family would keep me so busy that my active lifestyle would keep me fit and my desire to have my family eat healthily would equally be a benefit). Instead, somewhat the contrary has happened.Continue reading “Is There An App For That?”

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