Driving Around To Get Baby To Sleep? This Could Change Your Life!

I vividly remember my kids needing late-night car rides to help them sleep as babies. Fortunately, my husband was a trooper. Andre, barely awake, would throw on sweats and a hoodie, wrap up the baby, grab his keys and head out for the night. The hum and vibration of the car always did the job, night afterContinue reading “Driving Around To Get Baby To Sleep? This Could Change Your Life!”

Three Ways to Fight Baby Fever

It’s feeling like baby season all around me–two friends are expecting, I’m inexplicably looking back at my baby pictures whenever my laptop is open, and regardless of where I am, I see an adorable baby giving me that big-eyed, spell-casting look. You know the look. The one that stops you in your tracks, makes your heart immediately melt intoContinue reading “Three Ways to Fight Baby Fever”