Four Things NOT to Do When Your Kid Says a Bad Word

The other day at DryBar, the eight-year-old noticed a gift card with “Lucky Bi*ch” inscribed on the front. “That’s weird,” she said with a confused expression. She knows the “B” word isn’t a nice word. I was silent. I should have told her that sometimes adults use bad words in unique and affectionate ways, and thatContinue reading “Four Things NOT to Do When Your Kid Says a Bad Word”

Three Ways to Fight Baby Fever

It’s feeling like baby season all around me–two friends are expecting, I’m inexplicably looking back at my baby pictures whenever my laptop is open, and regardless of where I am, I see an adorable baby giving me that big-eyed, spell-casting look. You know the look. The one that stops you in your tracks, makes your heart immediately melt intoContinue reading “Three Ways to Fight Baby Fever”